The Doggo Bloggo

Dogs are by far Gods greatest creation. If you don’t agree then you’re wrong. I’ve had my German Shepherd, Loki, since he was about 8 weeks old (he turns 2 in April). He chose me. He was the outcast of the litter and walked right up to me and sat and stared at me, I like to think demanding me to take him home. So I did. This little guy has been my #1 through it all. He knows my emotions and knows if I’m okay or not. Mufukka is smart. Way smarter than me. And way smarter than your stupid kids.

He’s a workout partner, a weapon, a cuddle buddy, and a best friend I can tell anything to because no one else can speak dog, so good luck prying my secrets from him. Let’s also not forget an alarm clock. He always wakes up when I should, and paws at me until I’m up. As much as it pisses me off I still love it. He loves bright yellow tennis balls, chasing his tail, and pretty much anyone that’s nice to him. Unless you’re black, he’s very racist and I’m not joking. Why? I don’t know? Don’t get so offended he’s a fucking dog. But I still love him.

Recently my little boy got his little boys removed. And the whole time he’s in surgery I’m thinking about his well being. Asking myself if I give him enough lovins, or if I’m being the best father to him as I could be. Dogs have a huge impact on lives, and Loki has made the biggest impact on mine. When you give everything you can to this sort of animal and in result see how loyal they are to you overall, it is the most wonderful feeling. Coming home from work late and seeing the amount of joy in his eyes, jumping around and wagging his tail to the max. Priceless.

All dog owners can relate to most of what I’m saying. And if you have a dog and a baby human you can’t sit here and tell me you wouldn’t trade your kid in for another dog if you could. Because you would. There’s no fooling me or anyone else, just accept that we know.

So my advice is go getcha one. Rescue or buy, it doesn’t matter. You won’t regret it. Even if they do act like a reincarnated slave owner from the 1700’s. Please not a fucking cat, those are not the same, there’s no comparison. Besides, bitches love good boys and girls. And no matter how dumb they act some times I promise you’ll love them forever because they’ll love you forever.



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