Are You An Alcoholic?

A medical professional will tell you that having more than 3 drinks each day makes you an alcoholic, they are full of shit. After reading this blog you will be able to tell if you are an alcoholic. 

In my personal opinion, you should only be worried about being an alcoholic if you have to stop at the store and buy beer on Tuesday and Thursday. Now you’re thinking, ‘What makes you think I’m an alcoholic if I buy beer on those days?’. Well allow me to explain.

Monday- You just had a long weekend of drinking and you’re probably out, so better stop on the way home from work and grab a case of beer.

Wednesday- Well shoot, you finished off that beer from Monday last night, better go ahead and grab another case on the way home from work today.

Friday- Man, Thirsty Thursday was fun last night, but you went ahead and finished off that case before you went downtown for a few drinks too, better buy two cases on the way home tonight to get you and the boys through the night.

Saturday- I mean this is a given, you have to buy beer today. It’s the weekend, and ya gotta pound those diesels. Might as well stock up for a day of drinking and watching sports.

Sunday- How are gonna watch football without more beer? Time to head out to the gas station and stock up for the 12 hours of football that’s gonna be on today.

There you have it folks, the reasons stated above are why I think you need to be worried that you are an alcoholic if you’re buying beer on Tuesday and Thursday.




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