Why I’m Not Gonna Watch The Last Jedi

The new movie has came out and EVERYONE is talking about it. Good, bad, decent. Those are the adjectives I’ve heard people use to describe The Last Jedi. I’ve even heard about some shirtless scene or something of some Star Wars character I’ve never heard of. I’m certainly going to trigger the majority of the Star Wars fans but guess what, I don’t care.

I’ve never seen a single one of the bajillion movies of the Star Wars franchise. Why would I want to watch something that is seemingly endless and just jumps back and forth out of order? The farthest I’ve ever got into Star Wars was when I played a game on a desktop computer.

I’m guessing The Last Jedi is no different from the other movies. This is just what I’ve heard from other people like me who don’t understand what the fad is all about but I’ve heard all the movies essentially have a slow build up, cheesy sound effects and end with a foreshadowed plot twist that can be seen coming from a mile away.

I guess what I’m saying is if you’re gonna talk to me about any Star Wars movie or try to get me to watch it, don’t. Oh, and ps, Jar Jar Binks is my favorite character. I don’t know why people hate him but I think he’s cute.


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