A High School Is Changing From Calling Freshmen Students Freshmen To Calling Them First Years And I Have Some Questions

To be more inclusive a Massachusetts high school will begin calling Freshman students First Years. EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WKRC) – A high school in Massachusetts is trying to eliminate the word “freshmen,” according to a report by WWLP.

Easthampton High School wants to change the term to “first year students” to be more gender inclusive.

This has gone too far, this PC culture we have created. But, since it’s made it this far I want to know just how far it will go.

My first question is will they start calling Mexican girls in their fourth year of school “senioritas?” It only seems fair right?

Second question, why First Years? I think this was a perfect opportunity to make sports more prevalent in high schools by calling the Freshman “rookies.” “Rookie Hazing” sounds way better than “First Years Hazing.”

And my third and final question, did they ever consider this would be offensive to the students who are binary on the gender spectrum? No, didn’t think so. So much for being inclusive.

I guess while they’re at they might as well quit calling it high school too. That’s not very inclusive for the sober kids.

If you possess the answers to these questions please let me know.


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