10 People I Want To Play A Round Of Golf With

This weeks list will cover the top ten people who I’d want to hit the links with for a round of golf. 10. Steph Curry- now hear me out on this one. As most of you know I hate the Warriors. I could use this opportunity to sabotage them. I could get into the loose cannons head and get him to hit me, or at least throw his mouth guard at me, and ultimately get him suspended. Therefore, he’s number 10.

9. Pre-Divorce Tiger Woods- one can only assume this would be a good time! Women everywhere, sinking birdies, and pounding beers? Yup, I’m in! Maybe his wife would’ve decided to assault him with a golf club that day and I could’ve witnessed it.

8. Stugotz- the man is hilarious. I hear he’s a pretty good golfer and he likes to have a good time as well. It would for sure be an unforgettable day getting to hang out with Stu.

7. Post-Divorce Pre-2017 Tiger Woods/DUI Tiger- I want to play golf with Tiger, okay? This version of him though I would have a chance of at least keeping up with him. He was a bogey machine during this period. Still would be playing with Tiger Woods though!

6. The guy whose made 80+ hole-in-ones- so this guy has to be the luckiest man alive, or the biggest liar alive, nonetheless, luck would be on my side golfing with him. Hell, I might even have a chance of making a hole-in-one.

5. Donald Trump- think of all the locker room talk we could have during a round of golf! It would be fantastic, the best round of golf ever played! Also, I’d be playing with the president of the United States, most likely on one of his own courses (free golf). It would be UGE!

For 2-4 I’m gonna lump together a group of 4 people. The math doesn’t quite add up but you’ll get the point.

2-4. Smylie Kaufman, Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler, and Jordan Spieth- I want to go on their spring break trip to the Bahamas. For a week straight after the Masters they go partying/golfing in the Bahamas. This sounds like the most epic trip of all time. They run around the courses barefoot doing crazy stuff the whole time, I want to go bad! I’ll just need to remember to pack a ton of sunscreen. Side note: Smylie gets free Natty.

And finally, number 1

Kim Jong Un- this may be shocking to some, but I have good reason. For one thing he is able to control the weather. This means never playing in the rain again, also it means never playing in the scorching heat either. Secondly, his dad claimed he once shot a 38-under par, 34 at Pyongyang Golf Course. So one has to imagine he is a better golfer than his dad. Not only does Ol’ Rocket Man shoot bombs into the ocean, he probably shoots bombs down the fairway as well!

Disclaimer: John Daly did not make the list because I don’t know if I could hang for a whole round of golf with him.

There you have it, people. The list of who I would wave to play golf with the most!



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