30 For 30: Team Meeting

What if I told you that the greatest club in the history of all high schools was only in existence for one year?

In the Winter of 2011 a group of high schoolers, ranging from freshmen to juniors, decided that their quick friendship should be displayed as an elite group with high barriers to entry from the outside. 7 young men decided to take it upon themselves to start a school club, a club so elite and mysterious that even they didn’t know what the club was half the time.

Sure some folks wanted to just walk right up and join, but it wasn’t that easy. Instead you have to go through a series of initiations. After 3 initiations those in the club are to decide whether the recruit is worthy enough. If they are then begin to learn the handshake of the group and are also told the stipulations. The biggest being that a punishment is given if something stupid occurs, that punishment is called a Jacob.

I know what you’re thinking, if this was such a great group, how did it ever come to an end. Well all great things must come to an end. I think personally the biggest thing is that there was not anyone good enough to carry on the legacy of the OG Team Meeting. All members went on to do great things. I hear two of them have actually started their very own entertainment business, so it sounds like they are hands down the most successful.




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