LaVar Ball; Worst Dad Ever?

You know even though I find this guy so damn annoying, I literally hate seeing his face and hearing him speak more than Hillary Clinton, I was still giving him the benefit of the doubt he was being a great dad. That all changed last week.First things first, I feel bad for LiAngelo Ball. Yeah he got caught shoplifting in China but that was just the normal middle child acting out. I mean how ya suppose to act when your dad straight up says you suck and you aren’t going to be a pro baller like your brothers? The least the guy could do is let you enjoy your time at college in UCLA. That must suck right? Spending 4 years in sunny LA, I mean I know he’s from there but this is different. You don’t have to live at home with your lunatic father. But nope, daddy says you don’t need school and instead you should go play basketball in Lithuania.

Lithuania is basically in Russia, so I can only assume it’s cold as fuck there. Not only that he has to go with the worst of the Ball brothers, LaMelo. LaMelo is basically LaVar reincarnated. He is going to be just as annoying and honestly from everything we have seen, he sucks at basketball. Honestly I don’t hate that he is going to Lithuania, maybe they will just keep him over there and we won’t have to hear from him again.

The main thing LaVar has achieved? Making us think Lonzo was a top draft pick, and by us I mean Magic Johnson. I don’t think the kid sucks, but he’s not worth all the hype. I mean the dude can’t even make a damn shot. He also thinks he can rap, he can not. I would rather listen to that shitty new Em song about white privilege, than listen to ‘Zo’. But it’s okay because Magic gets to sell season tickets with his face on them. Like do Laker fans really think LeBron is gonna leave The Land to play with this kid? LOL.

So to sum it up, LaVar is the worst for making poor LiAngelo move overseas to just further prove that he should not be playing professional basketball. Keep an eye on this family folks, because Gelo will finally lose it one day and it will be great.



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