Fitness Blogger – TezFitness

Hello, to all the fans of Beer Talk Inc. Podcast,

My name is Cortez Wallace. I am the newest Fitness Blogger for this amazing Podcast. I will bring you amazing fitness information every week – every Monday and Friday.
I will provide:
1. Helpful Fitness Tips
2. Gym Etiquette Rules
3. Health Tips
4. Food Recipes
4. & much much MORE!!

I will talk about all kinds of topics, and I am willing to answer questions as well. SO SEND EM IN!
I want to help as many people as I can, and I want to lead others to a BETTER LIFE!!

I am originally from Chicago! YEAH GO CUBS!! J I attend Marietta College now, and I will soon be graduating with my Bachelors Degree in Land and Energy Management and a minor in Organizational Communication.

However, Fitness & Nutrition is MY LIFE!! I love FOOD & I love WEIGHTS!
I am an Certified Personal Trainer through NASM , and I am a trainer at THRIVEfitt Inc., an amazing gym located right by Qdoba in Marietta.

I did a physique show in the past, and I played 2 years of football at Marietta College.
I am very adventurous, and I love trying new things. You can say I am an DAREDEVIL!

You can follow me on social media:
Instagram – TezFitness ( Fitness Page) & Tezthechef (Chef Page)
Twitter: Tezfitness
Snapchat: fashion_geek

YouTube Channel: TezFitness

If you’re interested in training with me or you want a workout or diet plan, please don’t hesitate to contact me: tezfitness@gmail or on social media.


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