Baker Mayfield: The Guy You Should Be Cheering For

Baker Mayfield: Future Heismen winner, competing in the college football playoff, forever an underdog. 

Now listen, I know a lot of our followers are Ohio State fans which means you hate  Baker Mayfield. Why? Just because he did this?

Image result for baker mayfield

Who the hell cares, personally I think this was awesome. Don’t want your field disrespected? Don’t lose at home. But that’s not why we are here.

Baker Mayfield started his college career at Texas Tech, as a walk on. He started as a true freshmen and in his first two games already had 780 yards and 7 touchdowns. An injury caused him to lose his starting spot and then he transferred to Oklahoma.

He had to sit out a year because the NCAA and Texas Tech are a bunch of bitches. But that’s okay, because the Sooners gave him a scholarship. He still had to sit out the 2014 season, but that just meant he would be hungry in 2015.

After the Big 12 ruled that he could gain backed a year of eligibility, he was then able to play through the 2017 season. His numbers have only risen over the years. Last year being a Heisman finalist, and this year, the clear candidate to be the winner. This guy is not only the sole reason the Sooners are good this year, he is also the most electric player since Johnny Football.

That is a lot coming from me. I am a big Johnny guy, and I think he was the most electric college football player ever. Baker reminds me a lot of Johnny (minus the whole playing games super hungover or drunk) because he is so cocky, but dammit he backs that shit up. The place where he beats Johnny? Baker is gonna be so fucking good in the NFL. Personally I hope the Steelers figure out a way to draft this guy. There is just something about a player who is confident and gets the job done, but is entertaining to watch in the process.

So to sum it up, if you want to watch someone who is very fun on the football field, wins games, doesn’t give a fuck what people think and is just the coolest guy in college football, Baker Mayfield is your guy.

Also here is my favorite video of Baker.


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