3 Beers You Should Try This Weekend (12/8/17)

I already know what you’re thinking, ‘Devan you didn’t post a blog last week!’, trust me folks I am very much aware. I am very sorry to my fans, but I was just so exhausted from my trip to Vegas, that I couldn’t even function for like 5 days. But we are back this week! As usual we will run down starting at 3 for the top 3 beers for this weekend.

3.) Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, Clear Sky Daybreak, ABV- 5%

Image result for wolfs ridge brewing clear sky daybreak

Folks go ahead and skip the morning coffee this weekend! This beer is described as a ‘coffee vanilla cream ale’, and boy it tastes just like that! Like honestly I am drinking this beer right now and I am really wanting some more. Honestly folks this is so good I am hitting it with a 4.6 mugs for my rating.

2.) Rhinegeist Brewery, Truth, ABV- 7.20%

Image result for rhinegeist truth

What we have here is an American IPA, I’ll be honest with you right now folks, I love IPA’s so we will probably see a lot of them on these list. This one right here is a lighter IPA. I enjoyed this one while eating some pizza and I felt it complemented it pretty well. Even better I was able to enjoy it on draft. This wasn’t the absolute best IPA I have had but it was still very good. It is for sure one that would get you pretty lit easily as it is one that you could drink pretty quick. Overall I would give this a 3.6 mugs.

1.) Budweiser, ABV 5%

Image result for budweiser

Folks it is Sunday afternoon, football is on and you’re thirsty. That’s the sign to reach for an ice cold Budweiser! This is the King of Beers for a reason, because no other beer is as great as this one. That is why this beer gets a 5 out of 5 mugs. If you don’t try this one this weekend you are doing yourself an injustice.

Well there it it is folks, the 3 beers you need to try, don’t forget to share this with your friends so they know what to drink as well! Also check back next week to see the 3 beers I have for ya!



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