What Happened To The Classics?

I love The 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family (or FreeForm) as the snowflakes call it, but we need more classics!

I have literally watched the Tim Allen, Santa Claus series in it’s entirety at least one hundred times and I love it, but it gets old after it’s on seemingly every night in December! What happened to The Little Drummer Boy, Rudolph, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town? Jack Frost, Frosty The Snowman? You know, the greatest Christmas movies of all time! Sure, I enjoy newer films like Elf, A Christmas Carol (it’s on right now), and Frozen, they’re all good but I think ABC Family (FreeForm) is trying to rid us of the true American classics.

Perhaps they’re trying to appeal to a new crowd? I don’t know, but The 25 Days Of Christmas are for us, not the younger people.

Call me selfish but that’s just how I feel. I look forward to this tv special year round so it may mean a little more to me than most, but still. The people have spoken and we want the classics back, ABC Family (FreeForm). They’re only the best movies of all time, and deserve their time on television screens everywhere. They make us feel young again! Like the old saying from one of our founding fathers goes, “Give me my classic Christmas movies or give me death!” -Thomas Jefferson



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