Coming To An App Store Near You, Vine 2

Vine is back, back again, vine is back, tell a friend.

Well it’s sorta back. Dom Hoffmann, a co founder of vine, tweeted this out


First we find out Jersey Shore is coming back and now this? I don’t know about you, but if this isn’t a sign that 2018 is about to the fucking I don’t know what will.

Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Dem White Boyz, Curtis Lepore, the list could go on for a while of famous viners. These were just some of my favorites. Not to mention some of the just random ass, yet hilarious vines that floated around out there.

Myself and @therealestmccoy wanted to be vine famous at one point, I think that time has come again. You already know that beertalkvine is gonna be a thing. For now we wait for more details, official launch, all that good stuff. I’m so hyped about this though it’s almost a little sad.



1 thought on “Coming To An App Store Near You, Vine 2”

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