JuJu On That Hit-Stick

JuJu Smith-Schuster body-bagged Vontaze Burfict last night, and as a Steeler fan, I loved it!

In case you missed it, here’s the hit

Now do I think it was dirty hit? Yeah it was, I mean he drills his chin with the crown of his helmet. Do I think he should be fined? Yeah, he may even get a suspension because of standing over Burfict after the hit. Do I care? Absolutely not!

Vantaze is hands down dirtiest player in the NFL. He has been fined almost a million dollars, that’s 1,000,000 dollar bills in the NFL’s pocket because of this guys constant need for cheap shots. Don’t get me wrong I love big hits, I use to watch Monday Night Countdown just so I could see ‘Jacked Up’. But the hits that Burfict lays out are just dirty cheap shots, dude tried to take Antonio Browns head off two years ago.

So that’s why I 100% agree with AB in the video below when he’s yelling “KARMA”. That’s exactly what this is. This is karma.


Also don’t act like he was knocked out by the hit, he tried to put JuJu in the Kurt Angle ankle lock immediately after, and I can’t confirm this part but supposedly he jumped off the cart as soon as it went down the tunnel. Way to to try and sell the fake Burfict.

Bengals fans will spend the next year talking about this hit when in reality they should focus on how their embarrassment of a franchise won’t fire Marvin Lewis. Enjoy another year of not making the playoffs!





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