10 Christmas Songs You Have To Listen To This Month

Here we are, in by far the greatest month of the year. No other month even comes close to rivaling this month and if you disagree you’re simply wrong!

This weeks list will consist of the must listen to songs of the season. Take these songs make a playlist of them and listen to them non stop until December 26, you will not be disappointed!

10. Any song by the Pentatonix

If you can’t get down with the Pentatonix I can’t get down with you.

9. Let It Be Christmas – Alan Jackson

AJ kills it with this one. Such a nice listen that makes my heart explode with Christmas spirit! Therefore, LET IT BE CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE!

8. Come On Ring Those Bells – Kristin Chenoweth

I love this song! My Grandmother loves this song. My brother loves this song. Everyone loves this song. YOU love this song. You may not know it yet, but listen to it and you will know.

7. Little Saint Nick – The Beach Boys

I can’t even say the title without singing it. Ultra catchy, and be careful not to break into a dance while listening to this song. I almost can’t listen to it when I’m driving.

6. Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms

Instantly puts me in a good mood anytime I hear this beautiful song. If you’re having a bad day play this and sing along and your mood will increase by 1000x.

5. Mele Kalikimaka – Jimmy Buffett

To me this song is a Christmas anthem. Makes me feel like I’m right there in Hawaii (even though I don’t know what it’s like in Hawaii, because I’ve never been there). Definitely a good song to drink a glass of eggnog to.

4. Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano

This song is just awesome. I love it and I cannot stop my foot from tapping along to it when it comes on.

3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas- Michael Bublé

This man is the definition of Christmas music.

2. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

This one needs no explanation. Even if you don’t like Mariah, like myself, you still love this song. It’s the greatest Christmas party song of all time.

1. Last Christmas- Taylor Swift

Greatest song ever. I can listen to it non stop and it never gets old. So catchy and Taylor is the GOAT so she belongs at number one on the list.

Listen to these songs and get deep into the Christmas Spirit this year. Also let me be the first to tell you, Merry Christmas!



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