Should Conservatives Go To a University

Here at beer talk inc. we have multiple contributors to the podcast and blogs and etc. all of us which have strong political opinions. As a Military vet I’m not afraid to admit I’m a hardcore Trump loving, bomb dropping, terrorist killing, gun shooting, red meat eating conservative.Prior to joining the military I went to Washington State Community College. Probably one of the best decisions I have ever made, gathering a whopping 54 credits. 2 years into my career I decided I was going to make a push forward in my career development and go back to college. So I applied to Valdosta State University, located in Valdosta, Georgia.


Let me tell you why; for those of you who didn’t know, Valdosta State is the founder of the classic “flag stomping”. These fucking liberals would take precious time out of their miserable lives to head to campus to light flags on fire and stomp on them, trying to prove a point? Maybe, idk. To me that’s just a waste of mommy and daddy’s money on flags and gasoline, but whatever gets you off amiright.

My lucky self I decided to go there while this was going on. Because of that and multiple anti-trump protests I was late to class about 5 times a month. My professor, of course, was apart of the Democratic Party (awkward) and had no sympathy for Military. He made me spit out my fat chews and really enforced no guns on campus. What an ass. Anyways, I traveled a lot and tried to get my work done early so I could get my credits. But, no. He said fuck that, and fuck you. All in all I had to drop the classes I was taking because I was too far behind. $1400 down the drain. To many of you that might not seem like much for college but as a little E3, that’s a lot of money I didn’t have saved up. So, my pay got docked. Fuck me.

So my opinion, save your money, save your time, and save yourself trips to the doctor for your hypertension you will develop and just go to a trade school or community college and getcha something effective. Besides, you will probably make more money doing that than getting a bachelors in liberal arts.




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