I Cannot Hold My Tongue Any Longer

I know this is a very controversial topic that ruffles the feathers of anyone who has an opinion on this topic, but I can no longer hold my tongue. I’m the type of person who looks at most things with an open minded outlook and I have now tried to reevaluate my opinion on this topic but I am now done.

Chipotle kicks Moe’s ass like a red-headed stepchild! Up one end of the menu and back to the other. It’s a no contest. I am writing this as I sit here and stare at a half finished Moe’s burrito, my chips and queso are gone though (the only spot that Moe’s can beat Chipotle). The fact that people like my Co-Host @BeerTalkBenji disagree with me is absolutely sickening. I imagine the people who side with him have people locked up in their basement holding them hostage, like Buffalo Bill on Joe Dirt. “It puts the nasty spicy ranch on the skin!” “It puts the Chipotle lover in the hole!”

Overall, in my opinion Chipotle workers are even friendlier. I don’t need your damn sympathy “WELCOME TO MOE’S!” Every time I enter the store. I’d rather not have you even talk to me, to be honest. Last but not least, at least Chipotle is always punctual! I got here at 11:01 AM Eastern Time and went to pull open the door and guess what! LOCKED! I should’ve used my better judgement and just got back in my car and left. So for all of you people out there that say Moe’s is better than Chipotle, quit lying to yourselves.

From the belly of the beast,



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