Cats On A Plane

Here’s a little story about how my flight to Columbus is going thus far. So here I am, on my flight home from Vegas, and the lady beside me brought a cat. No biggie, it’s in a bag under the seat and I have headphones. Oh but wait one second! She took the cat OUT of the bag and put it on her lap. Yes you read that correctly. So now it smells like cat shit. On top of that, that cat is not wanting to go back in it’s little bag. This thing just about made the leap to the isle to escape. Won’t lie though, part of me did want to hear the announcement

I ask you, am I the only fucking person who thinks this is absolutely insane?? Like for real though, who the fuck does that? I am not really a cat person and this just increases that. I just want to sit back, drink my free Dr. Pepper, and listen to PMT and Pat McAFee. But no, now I’ve gotta try not to puke in the middle of this plane ride.

I had a thought getting on this plane on how you can keep people from sitting next to you, it’s wearing a Trump shirt and a MAGA hat. Well now that is exactly how I will fly. Also I am now officially allergic to cats, at least that’s what I’m gonna tell folks on airplanes.



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