10 People I Would Trade Places With Right Now

This weeks list will consist of Celebs I would trade places with due to various reasons such as wealth, job, and or social influence and power.

10. Dave Portnoy- El pres comes in at 10 on the list because for one he’s a millionaire with a ton of influence right now, he also (half) owns a Nantucket home, he’s the President of Barstool Sports, but on the other end of the spectrum he’s not higher because he doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

9. Peter Griffin- this feels weird to write this because he’s not a real person. However though he has a smoking hot, animated wife who lets him do just about whatever he wants. Money doesn’t seem to be a big deal to him either, besides that he’s always into some fun shenanigans.

8. One of the dudes kissing Malia Obama- these dudes that keep showing up in the tabloids kissing her are complete #Alphas. You’re literally flirting with disaster by hooking up with the daughter of the 44th president of the United States of America. Like if B613 is real you guys watch out but I would definitely trade places with you.

7. Dan Blizerian- with a whopping net worth of around $150 million I would definitely trade spots with you, that’s even before I see all the pictures of him with all those beautiful women. The man gets paid to blow shit up and party with models, sign me up!

6. Kenny Chesney- this guy has made a living singing about partying on beaches. His songs sound convincing that he’s actually done a lot of partying on beaches too. I like to party on beaches. Therefore, Kenny comes in at number six.

5. Tom Brady- With the new TB12 method he’s even more invincible. He has won a ton of Super Bowls, he’s married to Gisele, he used to Netflix and Chill with Ivanka Trump, great hair and he has a net worth of $180 million to go along with Gisele’s $380 million. I’d retire and coast off of her Tom, but that’s just me.

4. Donald Trump- This one is a no brainer. President, Melania, gets to golf all the time, and he is the single most powerful person in the world.

3. Blake Griffin- he only has to play like 50 games a year and he gets a huge contract. He definitely loves to party and he’s dating Kendall Jenner. He will go down as one of the best dunkers of all time too.

2. Elon Musk- This guy gets to build crazy shit that he dreams about for a living. He’s rich af, and he was dating Amber Heard. Not to mention he has a $19.7 billion net worth. I’d still change places with him even though I’m almost certain he’s a vampire.

And finally,

1. Prince Harry- This man has it all and has had to basically do nothing to obtain it. Don’t get me wrong he does a ton for charities and served in the British Army but other than that he’s always had money and partied his ass off and now he gets to marry Meghan Markle? Say no more, let’s trade places.

Disclaimer: Biebs isn’t on the list because him and Selena belong together and not even I would want to mess that up.

Another disclaimer: I wrote this Monday night, the same night Blake Griffin got hurt. It may be my fault.



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