iPhone Headphones, My New Trigger Topic

So here I am, in fabulous Las Vegas. Flew in on Saturday. It’s a 4 hour flight, which isn’t terrible, unless you bring the wrong headphones for your phone.

A quick back story, my iPhone 6S shit itself so I had to go get an iPhone 8. The experience that day had me all out of sorts. My phone couldn’t get restored in time so I had to set it up as a new phone to download Spotify for the gym. Once at the gym my Bluetooth headphones didn’t want to connect so I was forced to use the Apple ones, which are not designed for working out AT ALL. So that’s where my bad time starts. But oh we are not finished.

So I get to the airport Saturday, watch my wolverines lose, and board the plane. As soon as I sit down it hits me. I brought my old Apple headphones, which is fine so I can work on the pod on my computer, but I forgot my lightning cable headphones! So there I was, 4 hour flight, no music. Sure I was able to watch some tv on my iPad, a movie and some football games, but no music. I wasn’t able to listen to any of the podcast I follow.

So enter today, I’m gonna have to go to the Apple store, pay an ungodly amount for headphones, just because Tim Cook is an asshole. As I’m writing this though I’m realizing I may be able to buy the dongle (that thing that plugs into a lightning port and let’s you use normal headphones) at a lower price. But I’m still pissed! Spare me the lame ass reason on why the headphones are lightning cables now, I don’t wanna hear it. It’s all about getting more of my money, well check fucking mate Apple.

*Disclosure I’m still very much an iPhone guy, fuck droids.*



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