3 Beers You Should Try This Weekend


Every Friday I am going to give you 3 beers you need to try going into the weekend. I like to think that I’m somewhat of a beer connoisseur, yeah I use big words, so I think that you can trust the suggestions from this list. The beers you see here won’t be one you hear from the Beer Review on the podcast that week. They will vary from IPA’s, Stout’s, Lager’s, and the list goes on. Feel free to send me suggestions for beers to try too! Comment on this post or just tweet me @benjamindevan21. I am always up to try a new beer. So without further adieu, another big word, lets get started!

3.) Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat Beer  ABV-5.5%

Image result for lost coast tangerine wheat beer

This beer has an amazing taste. I first had this beer at a Pies n Pints in Dayton, OH, and I fell in love with it. This beer will remind you just how much miss summer. It is a little sweet and that’s where it gets ya, that 5.5% sneaks up on you quick if you don’t watch out. This beer for sure gets a 4.7 beer mugs on our 5 beer mug scale.

2.) North High Stardust To Stardust  ABV-8.8%

Image result for north high stardust to stardust

So one happy hour after an all day meeting I went to a local restaurant, The Galley, and asked what the best Double IPA was on draft was. The bartender let me know they just started carrying this one. At the time I didn’t know it was 8.8%, but after two I had a feeling it was a high content beer. I got into the IPA game about a year ago, and quickly got into the Double IPA’s soon after. This is for sure in my top 3, which is why it receives a 4.8 beer mugs on the scale.

1.) Budweiser  ABV-5.0%

Related image

Let me ask you something, how American are you? Like seriously, do you love the  United States? If you answered yes, then your ass better be drinking Budweiser this weekend, the King of Beers. It my 23 years of life I’ve never had another beverage that continually taste as great as this beer. It is perfect for any occasion. Need a beer to take to the shower? Grab a diesel. Heading out to mow the lawn for a few hours? Better take a six-pack cooler of liquid gold. I mean honestly, what other beer is sold for 6 months under the name “America”? None that I know of, and none that I would want to try.   With that being said, this beer gets 5 mugs out of 5 for me, and will be the only beer that will ever receive that rating. If you disagree know this, I don’t really give a fuck.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and gets the chance to try at least one of these brews!



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