To Hell With Thick Cut Fries


I went to eat lunch today and like most Americans, I wanted french fries with my cheeseburger. To my surprise we had different fries today, today was thick cut fry day.

FUCK thick cut fries!

If I wanted that much potato I’d eat a fucking baked potato. I want crispy shoestring fries, like the kind at Steak ‘n Shake. Sometimes I will even get some cheese on there, if I’m feeling froggy some bacon. I don’t want to pick up some thick cut fry that just bends because it has 5 pounds of potatoes in it. If you actually like thick cut fries, we’re not friends and don’t @ me.


*Disclaimer- Chic fil a sorta has thick cut fries but that’s different because they are waffle fries and are fucking delicious.


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