Nobody Is Safe


ORLANDO, Fla. — Retired NBA star Ray Allen said he is a victim of “catfishing,” and has asked a court to throw out a case where he is accused of stalking someone he met online.

Allen filed an emergency motion in Orange County, Florida, on Tuesday, one day after Bryant Coleman told the court he is being stalked by the 10-time All-Star and two-time NBA champion.

Ray Allen, old Jesus Shuttlesworth got catfished. That alone sounds crazy, BUT WAIT there’s more. He not only got catfished he also is accused of stalking the person who catfished him. So for those keeping score at home, that’s two big time, high profile athletes in recent memory that have been bamboozeled by people on the interwebs. The other being Manti Te’o, linebacker for the Los Angeles Chargers.

This is just baffling to me that these athletes fall for this shit. But maybe they are just like us and swipe right on the girls who include a Kik name in their Tinder profile just because maybe, just maybe they’ll be real. The only difference though, we know they’re fake.



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