Ten Celebs I Would Start A Family With

This is a list of women who I feel would be a good person to start a family with. For this list let’s pretend all of these celebs are single and have no children.

10. Alice Walton- For this one it’s clear why she’s on the list. She’s the richest female in the world and I am more than willing to be a trophy husband and help spend her 45.3 billion dollars. Yes, billion with a b. Plus I would have free reign in all Walmarts.

9. Jessica Alba- this one could be a little low on the list. She was my first crush as a kid and I thought that alone would be enough to include her on the list. She’s a smoke show though for sure.

8. Sofia Vergara- her voice is like music to my ears. I could listen to her nag about me staying out too late or getting too drunk all day long. Plus she has a nice Latino booty.

7. Hailey Baldwin- seems to be somewhat of a good girl, very family oriented, and strong in her faith. She would be a way for me to go to church at Hillsong and see Hot Pastor, Carl Lentz as well. He’s a dream.

6. Alyson Felix- she’s an Olympic Champion sprinter and a total bombshell. Her body is phenomenal and with my decent athletic ability we could have some athletic, biracial, red-headed babies. Which would essentially be the cutest babies ever.

5. Gigi Hadid- HOT HOT HOT. SHE’S A TEN. BOOK IT! This description may have you wondering why she’s at 5 on the list. The reason for this is that she apologizes to people after she makes funny jokes like the Chinese eyes thing and the Melania Trump impersonation. You keep doing you, babe!

4. Adriana Lima- She is Victoria’s Secret. She’s been walking in the fashion show for forever and still looks the way she does. Wow! She’s literally just drop dead gorgeous.

3. Taylor Swift- the GOAT. She doesn’t try to lecture us on politics when she wins awards (which is often) and she always keeps us on our toes. She’s unstoppable, you start to forget about her because she lives a pretty private life then boom she’s looking sexy as hell as a naked robot thing or whatever she was in that music video. Bottom line, it was sexy af.

2. Mila Kunis- she’s hilarious, sexy, sweet, smart… I could go on all day but I’ll spare you. She’s the total package and I’ve had a huge crush on her for a long time.

And number one on the list is one of the most underrated models out there right now.

1. Taylor Hill- tan, tall, legs for dayz, and she’s funny. I’m sold just from that. Also have you seen those eyebrows? Best eyebrows in the game right now. She killed it last night in the VS Fashion show in China. She’s also my nomination for Instagram model of the year, so Taylor if you’re reading this right now, I’m ready to propose just so you know.

Disclaimer: Selena Gomez is not on the list because her and Justin Bieber belong together and not even I want to jeopardize that. Also Google “Selena Gomez blonde hair” and he prepared to change into a fresh pair of trousers because wow.

So that rounds out the list. I feel like it’s a pretty solid list that most people would agree with.


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